When life gives you shit.

Life is not a straight line.

I have learned this the hard way. So many ups and downs in the last few decades,

Some hard times last a week or two.

Some last years.

Some pretty much break us. Some broke me.

A lesson I have leant which is darn hard to accept now looking back is the shit times pass.

Good or better times come in.

Reflection is a great thing. I have buried my head in the sand. I have fought. I have lost. I have had to dig myself out of shit. Big piles of shit. I have had to own my shit and accept it for what it is.


My biggest lesson was learning to expect amazing. Learning to anticipate that better is in front of me.

Where I have pointed my mind and my thoughts is the reality that shows up.

This is effing hard to do when the manure is filling up around me.

This is why I write, journal and plan pretty much every day.

The belief and excitement from the day before that I somehow created is always gone when I wake up. I have to rebuild it. Brick after brick. I do this by writing.

I remind myself every day that despite the manure surrounding me, if I point my mind at good things happening, then nine times out of ten the good things happen.

Someone once said to me, a wise old military man who was my gaffer for a few years:

It is the same amount of energy we expend to think about the mature piling up as it is to think about the manure not piling up. He said: consider where you point your mind Roper.

Point at the good stuff. Expect amazing to happen. Anticipate good stuff coming in.

Trust me this is effing hard when the manure is stinking.

However discipline, self-control and listening to the voice in your head that is feeding you crap and more manure you have to own and ignore.  However, you have to ignore it time and time again. Over and over.

Do you understand?


No one cares. You have to fight your own battles.

Build a team of mates that are there and do actually give a shit for you. This team be it one person or a few, are the ones that do not judge, and do not care about anything except you surviving now to be what you are capable of being.

No one really cares. Find those that do or do not. Or sort your own shit.

Life throws unexpected manure.

It is the getting back up out of the manure that is key. Get up even if you stink of shit.

Just get up. Move forward. Create momentum. Get the ball rolling and help yourself by being aware of the shit-forward forecasting in your mind.

Be aware of your thoughts. Same energy for good thoughts. Predict good shit happening.

Deep man. A tree in the alone in the Wood. . The tree is not alone.

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