Walking yesterday was a challenge.

So the weekend was full of joy and exercise.

Sunday was a morning run. It was fresh. Rather quite good.

Then I had to stretch.

Sunday is step-ups. I progressed to holding the 15kg med ball for about 5 mins of a 10 min rep.

Then onto the 10kg dumbells for 3 mins at the start of a 10 min stretch and 3 mins at the end.

Holding the 10KG for the full 10 minutes is now within sight.

Then it was my weekly interval session. A proper beasting. The body was pretty tired after step-ups.

30 seconds on. 30 seconds off. For 30 mins. So only 15 minutes of work. However, those 15 mins were all at lactate or above..Tough.

Legs were smashed. In fact, my whole body was smashed yesterday.

Today we jog. It is going to be a good day.

Remember that no one actually cares for more than a few minutes about what you do…They judge as they are actually looking in the mirror at their own reflection of CBA.

Outworking people is so true in life. It beats ability. Do more than is required as it does lead to greater success.

Onwards and upwards and still learning lessons every day.

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