Thought – Discipline


In my mind, it is doing the small stuff repeatedly even when you really can’t be arsed. Like washing the dishes..

the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.
“a lack of proper parental and school discipline”
Discipline refers to rule following behavior, to regulation, order, control and authority. It may also refer to punishment. Discipline is used to create habits, routines, and automatic mechanisms such as blind obedience. It may be inflicted on others or on oneself. Wikipedia
Discipline and motivation are so intertwined for me. Motivation to get something done. Like a run in the rain.
The discipline enters the arena when I can’t be arsed and I know it is a MUST do.
That for me is discipline. Getting outside and being wet is a lesson I have learned over the years with much regret. Skin is waterproof.
Doing the dishes is not hard. Just get it done.
No one cares.
Just get on with your own shit.
Discipline also means punishment. Think about that self-enforced punishment for being LAZY we all have and choose to ignore until one day we say no more laziness. Just get on with your own shit. Own it.


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