Thinking is the fooo***er

Monge tout.


Thinking is the fooker for me.

I have 2 skills when it comes to thinking.

One: I can daydream/think in my mind and allow the voice in my head to imagine the call I am going to make being amazing, I see the call being great and everything being agreed upon,

I can think and daydream about having a great morning run in the cold fresh frosty air. Basically, I can daydream that everything is going to be great on my morning run.

Two: I spend time looking forward in my mind about how something is going to be bad, hard or painful. The voice tells me I do not want to do something. I procrastinate and imagine the call I am going to make as difficult or I am told to go away. I make excuses.


The moment of learning is when:

You realise you expend the same amount of energy to use skill number one and or number 2.

So why the fuck use skill 2.  Learn to ignore skill 2 and find the belief that skill 1 is possible.

The recognition of the negative voice is the dark art, then changing it to skill 1 is the darker art.

The mind is either good or bad for me. It depends on HOW I choose to use it.

Thinking too much simply fucks me up.

I plan the action. Write it out. Write out what will go right and get on with it.

Some you win. Some you lose. But I started using the right energy.


Thinking and the voice in your head can fuck you up.

Learn to use it to build you up and see, hear and feel the good stuff happening.


Monge Monge.


Freedom walking the Brecons. Jacobs ladder in the distance.

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