The joy of ….

Ironing. .

Ironing rocks. It takes creased and scruffy-looking clothes and makes them look not so creased. Ready to wear.

Some of you will understand the joy of starch. Creating a lovely crease point. Most will not understand this. I kind of feel sorry for these people. Starch also rocks.

I assume people still iron but do people enjoy it… Every Sunday brings anything from 30 minutes to 60 minutes of ironing pleasure.

Iron Maiden is playing wasted years and Can I Play with Madness to iron along to.

Life rocks when you have starch and an iron. Much like sand and Vaseline.

No one cares.

Be someone who cares about yourself. You might feel better as you gave a shit about how you look and then feel.

I am one of the very few that still carry an ironed handkerchief every day.


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