The adventure of Coco.

So Feb 13th I collected my new dog.

A 20kg Labradoodle. A rescue. We are home number 4.

She is a wild one and needs some boundaries. In 3 weeks or 22 days, she has become a different dog.

From super crazy, not listening and restless to just crazy, listening 75% of the time and learning the art of sleep.

I have tried various commands with her and she understands some of them, like sit, down and paw. I am fathoming how she has been taught before or not.

However, I have been testing ”regarde” the French for look on her walks. The response was immediate. She drops to heal and looks at me. Must be the French poodle in her??

She has discovered:

Snow. . She loved it.

Pigs ears…oh my oh my. The joy.

The collecting, retrieving of balls and returning them. She was good at this from day 1 but is so much better now.

Sleep. The levels of tiredness from stress must have been deep. She is discovering her ability to sleep. .

This week we shall tackle her first off-leash time. We are going to a dog field. Just her and I for 60 minutes. Enclosed and fenced in. No other dogs. Just the two of us in a field.

Play and recall training in a field… This has been a right journey for me. Youtube has never been used so much. Every dog training video you can imagine pretty much every day.

To fix is the jumping up at people. She is a big girl and needs to learn not to jump up. The first lesson is me learning what to do to correct it.

Yes she has eaten the table leg….


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