Taking a pause.

Wise words are few and far between in life and they show up just on queue when needed.

Noticing and accepting where you are in life can be a real reality check.

Realising everything you have good and bad you created yourself.

Realising the internal work to be a great human is a never-ending thing. When you reach the place you dreamt about being the system allows you to sit in it.

However, it is just readying you for the next step. Taking a pause.

The effort to improve takes effort. It takes discipline and time. It is however a fun process.

The pause feels like almost standing still. Now I realise the pause is simply preparing me for the next phase. I am ready.

Walking every morning and seeing the Blue sky, listening to the wind and the birds reminds me that life is but energy and this life is for living.

Everything is interconnected and the guides, the words of wisdom and confirmations show up when you are open and ready.

Do I recognise the person I am now compared to the person I have spent my life being? No.

Have I found that place where the work I have put in as an apprenticeship to learning is coming together like a full-size jigsaw? I hope so.

Is there a long way to go? Oh my lord yes.

Every day is an amazing thing.. Every day I live a day more for my mother who passed at 49. I have lived over 1000 days more than she did. Truly lucky.

Each person has their own journey and their own demons. Taking the time to reflect and get help to step through is key. Looking in the mirror and knowing life has more to offer and then doing something about it is also key.

I have a long road ahead and so much value to add.

Life is a great thing. Take the time to stop and sit in silence with no distractions. Just like the dog appreciating the blue early morning sky.

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