Sunday pain cave

  • Saturday
  • Ski – 2 hours. Nice and steady. I thought this would be a pain cave but it was fine as I was slow and had a light stroke rate.


  • Sunday
  • AM – Weights. Shoulders and triceps. 4KG and 2KG. Hundreds of reps. The burn was decent.
  • PM – 30 min time trial on the SKI. I knew this would be a pain cave after yesterday’s 2 hours ski. Add in the smashing I gave the shoulder this morning, all the ingredients were there for pain. ¬†Took it steady and build into it. It was a pain cave but not really for the engine. That was OK. The shoulders were sore and tight.
  • Overall: Decent 2-hour ski aimed at time on my feet. The time trial was the quickest this year so I am slowly improving.


2 Hour ski PM5 and Erg Zone pic

30 min time trial sweaty aftermath, PM5 and erg zone picture.

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