Suffering. To grow or not to grow this is the question.

Do you want to feel great mentally and physically?

Consider how you treat both engine systems.

The mental mind needs seeds planted. Then water the seeds so they grow. The magic pill….Action.

The physical body needs energy. Feed it the food that works for you. Test the foods. Does bread make you tired and sluggish as it does me? Find what works. Feed the body’s energy system with good stimulating food.

Then move the body. Move it a lot. Train and exercise a lot.

Or just feed the systems crap and keep on wondering why you feel shit.

No one cares. You have to own your own shit. Change is good. Accept growth and change before your life passes you by.

I learnt all the above the hard way. Years of crap in. I still performed. Then one day it catches up….

Then you are forced to wake up.

No one cares. You have to care about yourself. Life is short.

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