Silence is golden.

Silence is all rather goooochi nowadays and called meditation. You can use an app to guide you down a path into the woods where you can sit by a stream and listen to the app tell you that you are happy and connected to whatever it is you choose to be at the end of the path in the woods by the stream.

Or you could go do a class and have someone talk to you. Tell you to relax.


All these methods are great. We are all individuals. We are all different.

Silence. I just listen. I sit down or lay down. I listen to my silence. A raging whistling noise. A never ending screech of a fire alarm.

I do feel better though. No sure why or how or what it is. Something goes on.


Exercise the body.

Exercise the mind. Thoughts lead the way and life gives you what you think about. Good or bad. Same amount of energy to think about shit as it is to think about a polished shit.

No one cares. They really do not. Find out who does care. Or live the hard way. .


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