Short term kicks without thinking long term gains. .

Wow, that beer is good.

Wow, those crisps are great.

Wow, that rustler burger is great for my supper.

All great in the moment.

All have consequences.

When you decide to think about the bigger picture and put short-term satisfaction aside time and time again, everything gets easier.

Fathom what it is you want. What are you prepared to sacrifice to get what you want – Or not?

Individual differences. Most of our grandparents or great-grandparents fought great wars to allow freedom of speech and free will.

Free will is a great thing.

In a split second, you can decide to work towards the bigger picture or take short-term pleasure.


Liquorice allsorts. . These ruin my long-term thinking. Like a devil in front of me…

Wine Gums. Dangerous.

No one cares. Drinking and smoking I loved for so much of my life. Great fun at the time. I look back and realise I wasted so much time.

Tick Tock. Remember no one cares so get on with making the future bright. Bright enough you gotta wear shades.

The brightness requires sacrifice.

Step into the sacrifice or just accept your present is who you are.



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