Running and HR and the modern tools I use.


Looking back when I started training for the Marathon Des Sables in 2006, I remember getting a polar watch that basically was goooochi as hell. It needed a brick of a foot pod to track distance if I am correct.

The information we had around HR and exercise was pretty basic for the layman like me. The running and ultra world was just not what it has become now.


For the record there is nothing ‘quick’ about my jogging, running, walking and hobbling. I not a small fella. I run as I love it, it keeps my head squared away and stops me losing the will the breath.

I have used Bath University so many times to fathom my vo2 max and my HR zones since 2006. I can still hit 182 now on the ski erg at age 51 when I go red zone.  So I am close to death? Individual differences in HR I guess.. It does take me a week to be alive after a red zone nowadays. So it really only happens when I lose my mind on the ski erg.

A retest of my running HR max shall happen at some point when my ability to run faster is upon me. When I drop another 5kg of timber. Maybe I am due a trip back to Bath University?

All my old Bath Uni data will be somewhere so it will be well worth another vo2 max for the comedy and comparisons.

My tools now:
Garmin Fenix 7 saphire solar. Uber goooochi piece of kit.
Garmin Connect that feeds into training peaks.
Currently I am testing the Garmin coach / clipboard app instead of training peaks. Lets see if that works.  I do love the training peaks app though.

Below is a photo I took on stage 1 of the 2008 Marathon des Sables. It was literally 5 mins in over the first dune. I have to say I crapped myself seeing this in front of me. Plus a pic at the finish.

Exercise can simply be anything from walking to squash to yoga. Find what you enjoy and do it often. Just start slowly and increase the effort weekly and build in a rest / recovery week every 3 or 4 weeks. Plus eat loads of food!!

Remember no one cares so just get on with it.

I am the timber lard making the ground shake at 0600hrs most mornings so just remember that. Too much food that. .


How do you track your Heart rate or do you even bother?


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