Reality checks!

Life works and life does not work.

At times a reality check is simply needed. I get lost in the ongoing chaos of day-to-day living.

Then something happens or a thought pings into the head and I realise: this is not bloody working.


So out comes the pad and pencil. I still use a pad and pencil being a dinosaur.

I am pretty brutal with myself at times. I can look at the situation and be very frank with myself. Years of cock ups have taught me to do this. Avoidance and procrastinating is a natural thing. When action starts I instantly feel better. I have a sense of momentum.


Momentum works in everything across life.

Are you brave enough to look inward and decide something is not working?

What does this thing working actually look like?

Usually to get to a place of working means sacrifice. Sacrifice. This means you have to stop doing, give up or say no to actions you are doing. This takes balls. Laziness is a real thing. Acceptance of laziness is a real thing.

Only the 1% can actually look in the mirror, commit pencil to paper and force change.

It is hard. Find your reason why.

Then remind yourself every morning why. Accept the sacrifice and keep reminding yourself until the habit exits. Accept you will cock up and get back on the train.

No one actually cares. So you have to care about you.



What warning signs do you have that a reality check is needed in your life?




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