Well, the phys is coming along.

Steady 115 mins running this morning. Headtorch on and glow-in-the-dark vest thing.

Just shy of 18km. Hr average at 142.

Loads left in the tank. Big weekend next weekend. Back-to-back longer runs.

Week in and week out the progression is coming. My first goal was to get back to a half marathon for fun. That knowing of being able to run a half whenever I choose and not be smashed is almost inbound.

The next step is the comedy gold and getting back to doing the marathon whenever I want… a few months of effort from that but it is inbound.

Today was especially good as I did heavy shoulders and triceps last night. Was sore on waking from the slumber.

Step up Sunday tonight. Beast the legs with skierg intervals.

Comedy Gold. No one cares apart from me. I love it.

Life is shiny.

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