October 9th to October 15th Physical Exercise.

Easy week this one.

(Easy, Medium, Hard, Rest) (Rinse and repeat)


Recovery day.

AM. Sports massage. Game changer this.

My calves and hamstrings were destroyed before.

Cold plunge. 15mins. Tough.

PM Walk. 5.81KM. 60 mins


Rest day.

Cold Plunge. 7 mins.


Cold Plunge 15 mins.

AM. Gym. Chest and Shoulders.

PM. Walk in the rain. Swamped. 5.44km. 1 hour.


Cold Plunge 3 mins. Baltic. The first cold morning this autumn. This is going to take some adaption . . .

AM. Gym. Weights.


Rest day.

Cold Plunge. 15 mins. Not so painful today. Weird.


AM – Chiropractor Lisa. A back crack.

PM. Gym. Weights.


AM. Run. 6.5km. 46 mins.

Cold plunge. . . . Baltic. 3 degrees outside….Yes, I need to get my head sorted as winter approaches. . .

Gym. Chest and stretch.

PM. Ski, 20 mins. Step ups. 10 mins. Ski 10 mins. Step ups 10 mins. Ski 10 mins. Step ups 10 mins.



The new protein I was gifted is a daydream. Thank you Suzanne.  Been putting 2 or 3 eggs in with it. Mix with the farm milk. Another level of taste sensation.

Sleep is great on the days I use the cold plunge. Not so great the days I do not. 6 weeks into this effort and sleep has improved. Not seeing any other benefits yet.

Running – Slow run Sunday. My legs feel way better for having a rest.

Walking – I just enjoy it and need to do more of it as I do really see the benefits in HR.

Weights – As long as I do one body part in a session and go light weights high volume reps I can recover and live to fight another day. I am getting stronger as I am starting to add weight now.

Leg day Sunday. Bloody love the step-ups. Just like the days of old when we trained step-ups for leg strength. Hence why I do it mixed with a  ski. Some extra pain.


16th to 22nd is a medium week. 

So I simply do my hard week from a few weeks back.

More running this week again and maintain the weights.

Walk when I can.  I keep having the thought to swim. So might add this in.

One interval session on the ski of 30 30 30 on Wednesday or Thursday. Red zone.

Back-to-back runs on the weekend.


Overall I am starting to see the adaption now.

Long run of 4 or 5 hours at the end of Oct.

The end of Nov will bring two 4-hour runs back to back in the last weekend.


I never look further than 6 weeks as so many things can step into the mix so just keep on going.

Feb 4th 2024. My return to double marathon running. . plus a few hills…

I love the journey to an event. The plan… Finish.

Remember no one cares.


My tools this week. 

Garmin watch.

Saucony Ride 15 shoes

HRV4Training. This is still a game-changer.

Oura ring. I have used this for 3 years now and the data is insane now to look back on.

Vaseline. Tubs all over the place… Office, car, work bag, kitchen. It is silly.

Meat. A lot of meat.

Sleep….Now I see sleep as work I recover so much better.

Lisa the chiro.

Matt the massage man.

The farm shop for meat and milk.

Today’s training – Plus the 3 shots of the ski between step ups.

Some banter for my sheep friends.



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