Knowing the why is fundamental. .


We all get to a place at times where the world we are living in is just not what we had dreamed about.

Work, health, house, car, friends and family are all just not what the daydream was and we wonder how the fuck did this happen?

What do you do at this point?

Most people roll over and accept it and just keep on plodding on.


Some make a plan to change the current existence back to the daydream.

Obesity seems to be talked about all the time. Weight and the magical timber that sits on our guts and hips seems to creep up on us all in no time at all…..

The habits of little or no exercise, the takeaways, the late night tv binges slide in and make a new reality and it all becomes the normal. Clothes get tight and we all size up.

Losing the timber is a mine field as it takes so much longer to lose the timber than put it on. Gaining the timber is quick, losing the timber is slow.

To lose the timber all the little habits that got you to the fat place need to be looked at.

Exercise. Do you even do any? What exercise do you enjoy? Would you or could you run, swim or walk?

Can you join a gym?

Diet fads. Well where shall we start….keto, carnivore, atkins, weight watchers….


Do you just eat less?

However to eat less and move more does mean breaking all the habits that have built up to get to this point of fatness.

Sofa sitting.


Listening to the inner voice that says it is all ok to sit on the sofa

Beer / Wine in an evening can quickly become a habit.

Simply not prioritizing yourself due to kids, laziness and a lack of goals and aspirations slides in.

There are a million reasons so many people wake up at some point and say this is not what I wanted for myself. We are all different and our reasons are all different but so similar.

Step 1 is being brave enough to stop and have a word with yourself and accept and own that where you are is not really what you had planned all those years ago.

Step 2 is considering and getting clarity about what it is the daydream needs to be.

This could be as simple as focusing on your health or work or marriage for a period.

Step 3 is making a plan on how to change. . .

The plan can be easy to write.

Do not eat takeaways and go to the gym.

However, all the habits you have taught yourself over the years are still there. The mind is still giving you permission to sofa sit.

Ask yourself what are your coping strategies?

What are you going to do when you are tired, have not cooked and you promised yourself you would gym today but the thought of gym at 1900HRS IS UTTER PAIN. .

How do you manage yourself through the first month to actually start to break the habits that have built up?

Create a plan for this as helping yourself to not slip back into the old ways after a week or two is the hard part. .

How many New Years resolutions last more than 3 weeks?

Step 4 is knowing your why…. Why are you doing this right now? What is the purpose? Who is it to help?

Who will it help?

Your reason to not listen to the teasing and tempting voices in your hard that give you permission to sofa sit and eat pizza.

Know your why. Understand how you will control the urges to be lazy, then apply self-discipline.

Oh so much easier to write than actually do it. . . . .


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