Jogging in the rain.

Today I ran 15km.

It was wet underfoot. The wonderful bright yellow and orange autumnal leaves were on the floor and the clouds were grey. The wind was howling.

It was brilliant.

The way back was straight into the wind. Howling.

I felt alive.

I was fasted. Fueled by 3 black coffees and 500 ml of water. It was 2 ish when I went out. I had multiple layers on. I wanted to see how it felt to get hot in a cold and windy space and how the sweat rate was versus not putting any water in when running and if my HR crept up much when dehydrated.

All was good. Calf a mess but a tight hamstring and my goretex trail shoes always hurt me after 10km on the road.

Eat like a horse once home.




Painted a wall.


Tidy that butt.

Assuming the calf is not destroyed today, then we go again. 10 -12 KM hopefully. If the calf is destroyed, then I ski for 80 mins instead.




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