Friday night bank holiday beer. . 5th May

Beer is a treat nowadays. Why? I have drunk my way through barrel loads all my life. It has been a reward for pain, a reward for pleasure and a reward for nothing at all.

A natural ability to have hollow legs. Trained to drink by her majesty’s military.

This year I have had alcohol 3x to date.

I have not even managed to get leathered. The effects of no booze are insane. I feel alive mentally. I feel alive physically. Both energy systems have more energy. I get more stuff done.

Alcohol is now occasional and it is great.

Friday nights in the last couple of years have usually involved exercise.

Friday 4th May I ran. Just under 10km. I was in the hills. I saw 3 people. One runner. Two mountain bikers.

Bliss. It was wet. It was windy. I was alive.


NO one cares



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