Friday May 26th. Discipline and Motivation.

Friday thoughts.

The Power of Discipline and or Motivation.

We often hear about the importance of motivation in achieving our goals. For me, I have leant that motivation is the initial spark, the burst of energy that drives me forward. It’s the driving force for action. However, the motivation wanes and my initial excitement fades away.

This is where discipline plays a crucial role in our long-term success. I discovered discipline in the Royal Air Force way back in 1989. The ability to repeat the same action day after day even when the voice in my head says you are tired, can’t face it and i think I will do that tomorrow but I know simply can’t and will not allow it.

Motivation is like the wind, unpredictable and ever-changing. It can be fleeting, influenced by external factors or temporary emotions. While motivation provides a great start, it’s the discipline that carries us.

Discipline is the ability to stay focused and committed, even when the initial enthusiasm subsides.

It’s the daily practice of making deliberate choices and taking intentional actions that align with our goals. Unlike motivation, which can come and go, discipline is a trait that can be cultivated and developed with daily practice. The same actions over and over. In life and at work. Doing the dishes, cleaning the house, doing the ironing. (I have a Boardmann XL ironing board and it is great)

Motivation I feel is the want to achieve a goal. The sense of reward or satisfaction.

My discipline comes from within. It’s an internal drive rooted in my values, principles, and my desire to accomplish what is simply required in life and more. It was the discipline that allowed me to compete in 3 of the world’s toughest ultra marathons in Morocco, Borneo and Brazil in years gone by.

Life throws its curve balls, we all know this. Discipline is complex but it allows me to push through the curve balls. A consistent work ethic, even when faced with adversity or distractions.

While motivation does fluctuate, discipline remains solid, providing the necessary structure and routine to keep me on point. Discipline when the chips are down is in my view the hardest thing.

Get discipline right and life gets easier, as I know in my head that I have completed what is actually required whilst developing resilience, adaptability and consistency.

Developing discipline requires creating healthy habits and establishing a solid foundation of self-control. Doing what is required every day NO matter how you feel.

I have accepted over the years that motivation ebbs and flows. Discipline is a learnt trait. Or as my colleague Joe Toye just described it – Motivation is the fuel and discipline is putting the fuel in.

Discipline is for me key over motivation.




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