Fighting the flow – thought.

The way the water runs down a hill. A trickle to a stream to a river to a waterfall. The water just flows. It just goes with what is in front of it.

Commit to a goal.

Have your goals outlined.

Do the actions pertaining to the goals outline.

One step at a time. One action at a time.

Go with the flow. Forcing the flow can lead to quick wins. The lesson that keeps coming back around for me is:

Relax, do the next action and go with the flow. Flow like the water.

Forcing stuff just seems to create pain at times for me.  Learn when to force stuff by cocking up.


My life lessons. I could be right. I could be wrong.

No one cares. Find your own lessons.

Take note and add the tools to your life toolbox.


Toolboxes matter. You may learn, hear or read something that could be used at some point in life. Toolbox it. That little nail in the base of the toolbox in the garage that you know is there but thought would never need. Then boom, age 51 and you need that little nail.


No one cares. Sort your own shit out.

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