Feeling good 5 days out of 10 seems like a decent outcome.

I have strived for as long as I remember to wake up and be feeling sharp, good, mentally strong, ready and excited to take on the day. To feel this way EVERY DAY.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to get pretty much everything I choose. Work hard, work smart and the toys come with the financial rewards.

Yet the toys mean fook all when I still get super pissed off when I get up and fall into coffee and I am fucked. Mentally tired. Physically sore. A case of the CBA.

I have learnt that I do not function without massive forward-looking goals. Stuff that really is out of reach but with a plan that I can constantly adjust or not and my own actions to make shit happen. I need big unrealistic unobtainable goals to aim at. I love the journey to them.

Yet I wake up fucked, Lazy of mind. I once saw this as weakness. I thought I was shit. I was a loser as I was not tip top 10 days out 10.

Moron is the word that springs to mind. It is what it is. My actions lead to this fucked morning feeling.

There are so many parts of the recipe of life. If one is slightly off, it has a knock on.

Sleep. The world has woken up to sleep hygiene. I guess I have as well. I seem to average 6 hours kip now. Tidy.

Food. The demon. If I eat shit, I feel tired from poor sleep. The food effects my sleep.

Dehydration. I am always a dehydrated being every morning. Yet I fall into coffee.

The body not playing with me as I have the doms from exercise. I go down the stairs sideways as the ankles won’t move for a good 10 mins. The brain is officially writing exercise cheques the body really can’t cash some mornings.

So, I have learnt. Accept that NOT every day is a good day. Not every month or 6 months can be a good spell in life. I know my outcomes. I reflect on them daily. This reflection I find wakes the soul. I wind myself up to the task like a clockwork toy.

The body for me follows the mind. If the mind is soft and fluffy, the body and your actions will follow it. I must remind the mind what the fuck is going on pretty much every day.

Not every day is a great day. What I do have though is a system I have fathomed to turn my soft mornings into better ones.

It all starts with unrealistic outcomes, a changeable plan, and a lot of action. That action often is simply forced. Doing something as it is now discipline. Doing something like running, cleaning the kitchen up, ironing a shirt, preparing food for work can very easily be dropped WHEN THE MIND IS SOFT.

So, I remind myself why on a daily basis. Why is a great question to ask yourself!

I still fuck up a lot. So I remind myself: You can lead the horse to water but will the horse drink. Are you ruthless enough with yourself to look inward and be frank as fuck with yourself.

Short cut your shit and learn from the mistakes of others. Find what works for you. Test stuff. Do stuff. If you are not sure, do it again and again till you know it works for you or it does not. If it does not try it another way.

Find your routine. Find your way. No one cares. So do it for you.

Life is a plethora of mistakes and lessons. Will you learn from the lessons and step up into life. Or just accept your lot and let your mind and feelings dictate who you are.

Realise that no one cares and get on with your own shit. For you. No one else. Validate yourself.

I feel decent 5 days out of 10 now. Sometimes more and sometimes less. But every day I feel decent when I have wound myself back up and get back on my own path. What job is next I ask myself. After a pot of black coffee.

I am far from perfect as I love a wine gum or a pack of revels. But I know I am going to have a slow, feeling sorry for myself next morning and that is only a bag of sweets creating that sluggish after effect…..


Remember: No one cares.

Remember: Laugh.

Remember: Your nipples might of been bleeding on a very long run in the Middle East heat in 2010 like mine. . Could life be any better than this? No. Bleeding nipples taught me that vaseline works. But vaseline and sand together is brutal.

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