What a lovely word.

The dictionary describes it as:

Consistency refers to the quality or state of being consistent, which means being reliable, steady, or constant in behaviour, principles, or performance. It implies maintaining uniformity, coherence, or agreement in thoughts, actions, or outcomes over time.

Mix this with a strong enough reason why and you can stay on point and be consistent. .

Example – Exercise.

We have all had the 3-week blues. Train well for 3 weeks and it all drops off. Stay consistent and you get fitter.

Progressive overload and deload with the exercise works.

However, consistency is critical.

Be consistent in your actions.

Even when you get up and the fridge and freezer have decided to have a meltdown and defrost overnight.

I went for a run to be consistent and cleaned the mess up when I got back.

Time to find a domestic appliance repair person!!


Consistency got me to Borneo a few years back for the TMBT. The most beautiful thing. What a race that was. One of the best I have ever done.

No one cares, they might judge for a moment or two but quickly go back to dreamland.


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