A word that I really love = Consistency.

At times I have suffered from an inability to be consistent. I have said I will get something done and I have simply not.

The art of doing something every day, every week or month takes an ability to be consistent.

I brush my teeth twice a day…. this is consistent…. unconscious consistency. It is an action that just simply happens.

Food and eating is a pretty good skill I have with being consistent.

Exercise is a pretty good skill I have at being consistent.

The teeth are a must. The food is a must and the exercise is a choice.

At work a lot of the tasks I must do are very repetitive. I do the same thing over and over day in day out to for clients. This is consistency.. Repetition.

I have learnt the hard way many many times. I say I will do something, find myself all motivated and complete the action a few times and it drops off.

The consistency is gone.

So, I got to thinking why is this? What is going on for me?

For me it comes down to one thing:

The perceived benefit. What am I getting out of this action. Is the benefit big enough for it to become an unconscious thing like the exercise.

Example benefits I get range from:

Clean teeth / body / clothes.

Income producing activity.

Keeping clients engaged and happy.

Clear, focused mind.

Healthier body.

Stronger body.

Testing the soul so I grow.

The consistency for me really revolves around the benefit  / outcome that I am getting.

If the benefit is big enough, exciting enough or adding enough value now or in the future I stay consistent.

I do wonder if I am thinking way too deep but I am 500% better at staying consistent now.

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