Congruency, reignite the why.

The ramble here today is about congruency and lazyites.

Congruency = the quality of being similar to or in agreement with something.

I am going to eat clean now:

How often have I said I will do something – I start and it drops off after a day or two, a week or two, a month or two.

The initial excitement or reason fades away and the action becomes less frequent, or I just stop doing it altogether.

The infamous statements we are all guilty of saying: I am going to get thin, buff, strong, exercise, run a marathon, build a business, get a new job, stretch every day, eat 5 a day, stop eating crisps, stop eating wine gums etc.

The win is in the starting whatever it is you need to do. The real win is in not telling the world you will do it. Then just getting on with it.

You tell people at home, people at work and or friends what you are going to do, and you get busy for a week or three. Then stop.

You just look soft. People see you as lacking grit and follow through. A pussy. Soft as soap.

Yet really all those people do the same. They are happy you are not congruent, glad you are not in agreement with your goal.  Why: Because they are also incapable of being in agreement with their goals. They also fail after a day or two, a week or two.

HOWEVER – They are not even aware they are happy you are not following through. They just see you as the same as them.

You are the same as them when you are not congruent in actions to your statements about what you are going to do.

However, when you are congruent and you do stay on point with your goal, daydream or action, the world creates temptations to pull you back to the lazy life.

Your supposed friends and colleagues will tempt you with a night out to celebrate fuck all. Celebrate it is another Friday night.

Staying on point!

Staying congruent is simple discipline and motivation. (Discipline and motivation = hilarious, comedy gold)

Know your goal/purpose/outcome.

Write it down. Understand the real reason why.  It should light a fire in you. Excite you.

Once the fire is lit, understand the coping strategies you must deal with the inevitable laziness, the moment of CBA, the moment of oh fuck it, one beer, one bag of crisps, not training today will not hurt……..Plan and consider your workaround for temptation and CBA. Plan your workaround for the voice in your head giving you permission to be fucking lazy.

The mind is there to help or hinder. It hinders you when you are not aware of the actual voices or scripts it reads to you.

Listen to the good scripts and action them. Listen to the shit scripts and ignore them and move on. Learn from the good and shit scripts.

Be congruent to your outcome. Grow and change for yourself. Outside recognition or validation comes or does not when the lazyites wake up and realise you are congruent, and you have changed by sticking to something and growing. Yet they did not even know you were being congruent…You chose not to tell them about the next fantasy you will fail at. 

Congruency… Without it, YOU will not grow and develop.

Discipline…Without it, YOU will not grow and develop.

Motivation…Without it, YOU will not grow and develop.

Thinking and planning…Without it, YOU will not grow and develop. (Invest time in yourself to consider this)

ACTION..Without it, YOU will not grow and develop.

More ACTION…Without it, YOU will not grow and develop.

Speed..Without speed, you join the lazyites.

Reality Checks..Without these, YOU will not grow and develop.

Congruency..All the way back around.


Accept every day is a battle with yourself. Perhaps your own daily battle with self.

We do fuck up, just make the fuck ups smaller and smaller. A new beginning every day. Sleep rests the soul but the soul often needs reigniting every morning. Fail to reignite the ‘why’ and you are welcoming back the ‘lazyite’

99% never reignite the ”why” daily after the sleep protocol is over.

Ever gone to bed motivated as fuck for a daydream, goal or outcome…..then awaken to the voices and you act lazy as fuck. . This is 99% of people.

Reignite the WHY!  Some people understand. Most do not.

The knowing.


Do you even have a why to reignite every day… ???

How many times have you told people what you are going to do…???

Can you be arsed to fight the daily fight??

Are you prepared to lose a battle to win your own war?

Or will that one lost battle prove you lack congruency?

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