I googled the meaning of comedy and found this.

Comedy often relies on various techniques such as wit, wordplay, satire, irony, slapstick, parody, and absurdity to create humorous situations. It can explore various themes and topics, ranging from everyday life and social situations to political commentary and cultural critique. Comedic works can be light-hearted and stupid, or they can delve into darker or more complex subjects while still aiming to provoke laughter.

Comedy has been an integral part of human culture for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations. It serves as a means of entertainment, providing a temporary escape from the challenges and stresses of everyday life. Additionally, comedy can be a powerful tool for social commentary, allowing comedians and writers to highlight and critique societal norms, injustices, and human behaviour in an engaging and accessible way.

Ultimately, the meaning of comedy lies in its ability to bring joy, laughter, and entertainment to people’s lives, often while offering a fresh perspective on the world around us.


Wit, Irony, slapstick, absurdity. More please in life.

Cracking a smile and maybe a laugh works.

Feeds the soul good stuff.

Remember: No one actually cares.

If you go down to the woods today you are in for a big surprise…

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