Cause and Effect.

One can look back and think WTF.


One can look back and think it is what it is.

Most things all seem to link together with cause and effect. When you are ready whatever it is usually presents itself.

We learn as we go along. Some people are comfortable being comfortable. They miss the learnings in comfort.

I realised being comfortable is not good for me. I can be lazy and lose sight of goals and aspirations. I have to be challenged. I prefer to challenge myself than take life challenges but life is what it is and sometimes rolling with the punches is what is required.

Testing the soul I enjoy. The journey to something that I never thought I could do is what I thrive on.

I live with the glory of right sided tinnitus. Sometimes the noise is rather remarkable. Almost so loud I am deaf to certain surrounding noises. It can come in handy at times though!! 🙂

Once the noise was debilitating. How the mind has shifted towards enjoying the noise now. I can even just sit and listen to my head play a long steady fire alarm just on the right hand side.  This is something I never thought possible.

Running a long way over days I never thought possible.

So many things that were just out there.

There are a few more out there things left to sort and the joy of being uncomfortable feels good.

No one cares what you do for more than a few seconds or if you are lucky a minute or two.

Life is good. Look forward and as the Qatari nation says: Expect Amazing.

Cause and effect.

No action no effect.

Sometimes you just have to do stuff to hunt the effect. . . good or bad.


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