When life is rocking along and all things are groovy I live.

When life is rocking I forget to be grateful for the fact that it is rocking.

When it is not rocking I want for the times it is rocking.

This week I have had a case of the man flu. I have done my graft and put in my shifts and hours. However not at full speed. I did not have that 6th gear. I love my job. It is tremendous fun. I love my life. It rocks.

I have forgotten my life is fun and rocking. I have forgotten to appreciate it is rocking.

This week has reminded me to think. Appreciate life. Both when it rocks and it is not rocking. Either way, it is bloody good fun.

Expect amazing as the Qataris say on the corniche in Doha. They have a great big sign in yellow letters. It shouts out: Expect amazing.

Expect amazing and amazing happens. Appreciate every breath as that breath could stop. Now that would be tricky.

Remember: No one cares.


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