Almost 2024

November 30th today.

The year has vanished. 31 days left in December. Then 2024.

It feels insane how quickly life and the years are rolling past. It feels like 2 minutes ago since the world was creeping into a lockdown and the world experienced something never before experienced.

I looked back this morning at what I said I would achieve this year. 2 of my big goals I have hit. The 3rd is a work in progress to achieve on Feb 4th 2024. One is miles and miles away.

So I am happy. A multitude of reasons for the miles and miles away one. . I need to reflect and consider, was it me, was it lack of effort, structure, working smarter on the outcome, not being focused on it or simply an array of outside factors that got in the way.  Excuses are real for all of us and getting to the root of the reason only a few people can do.

It is easy to blame outside factors simply for a lack of ownership and action.

Accountability is a great word.

Time to start considering what 2024 needs to bring in for me and how I can effect what it brings in for me.

Thursday today and it is cold and frosty. Days are short. However look on the bright side. . . . December 22 is the shortest day of 2023. The days start getting longer again after that.

Happy days butt. Me today in my beanie. . .

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