8 weeks of physical exercise.

Feb 12 – 18th

Ski x2

Walking 17km

Feb 19th – 25th

Weights x2

Walking 18.5km

Feb 26th – March 3rd

Weights x1

Walking 38.5km

March 4th to March 10th

Walking 34.5km

March 11 to 17TH

3 Weights

2 Ski

Walk 33.5 km

March 18th to 24th

Weights x2

Ski x1

Walking 39.6km

March 25th to 31st

3 Weights

1 Ski TT.

Walking – 35.3km

April 1st – 7th

2 Weights

1 Ski TT

Walking 38.4km



255.3km of walking.

13 Weights at Gym

7 Skis.



Walking is about right.

Ski skills maintained and TT has improved.

Weights need to be 3 sessions a week.

8-week plan:

Add in some runs now starting at 1 a week and building up to 2 a week over the next 8 weeks.

Build up to 3 skis a week.

Hit 3 Weights a week minimum.


Eat breakfast after a heavy training day.

More water as this has been poor.


21.30 bed.

0450hrs up with the larks to walk daily.


Not tooooooo shabby that. Walking has been really good and I have lost some weight and HR has hit 49 overnight once and an average of 54 overnight for 8 weeks.


I love a nap at the weekend!!

I always remember no one cares, just get on with what the eff I want.



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