4 great races.

4 great races.

  1. The Marathon Des Sables. Morocco
  2. The Jungle Marathon. Brazil
  3. TMBT – The Most Beautiful Thing. Borneo
  4. Life


Life is like the races above. Some you finish some you don’t. You never see the end of footraces sometimes. Admin issues, injury. Just too slow to finish.

In life, we will all see the end. This is guaranteed.

The lessons are learnt when you don’t see the end of a race: Review the race, learn and go again. Going again is the brutal part. This is the same across business and life.

In life, as we all are guaranteed to see the end, there is no getting up and going again as you are simply dead.

The time we have on earth is limited. We never know if today is the last day. Is this pot of coffee I am consuming now the last pot I have? So I enjoy it.

Competing in life, ultra marathons, horseriding, football, hockey, jujitsu, boxing, work and business is all fun. Good days and bad days. Do you get up and go again or do you fold and roll over?


You will not get to get up and go again when you are dead.

Get back on the horse. Fight with yourself for what you can have. Discipline and sacrifice.

Life is short.  No second chances when you are gone.

Do you understand the point?

Will you consider this and take action? Most won’t. Stuck. The pleasure of a short-term fix. Wasting time. The clock is ticking.


Remember: No one cares.

Find those rare people that do give a shit for you and support them as they support you. Even if it is one person.


be your own friend. Use your mind to force you to be better.


When you are dead you are dead. Be enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm attracts enthusiasm.

Our mum. Age 49. RIP. 2 years younger than me now!!

Marathon Des Sables  Pic by Mark Gillett/Junglemoon Images – RIP Mark. December 18th 2015. Age 51. The same age as me now!!!  

MDS – Me. Alive and kicking.

Brazil – Amazon – Ruined however alive and kicking.

Borneo – TMBT. 60KM deep and ruined but bloody happy.


I have so much more to get done in this life. So do you!

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