32 Weeks. 04 02 2024

The injury seems recovered thanks to the repair person Reed. 4 lots of physio on the calf in 3 weeks.

A 70km jog is booked and paid for.

4th Feb. 2024. 04022024. I like that date for my return Ultra.

Outcome: Finish.

However: I love the journey. What I do now with this pays off in 2025. Then with a good wind, I will be uber-fit again.

Bill Gerlack said:

Look for the entertainment value in everything you do!!


This was in the book Serious Training for Endurance Athletes.  This struck a chord and reminded me of the military dark humour and banter. Find entertainment in everything.  Life becomes fun and you can look back with pride and think I turned up and I had a go. Turning up is more than most people ever do.

Failure or obstacles are everywhere with my exercise now my age is knocking on. The mind is writing cheques the body cant always cash. So this is going to be about steady progression back. Start and go with it.

The journey towards Feb 4th involves a lot of exercise, a lot of food, a lot of stretching, a lot of physio, a lot of sleep and a lot of planning.

The journey to the adventures I love. When I finish the adventures it is never quite the thrill. I prefer the journey to it.

As always it will bring loads of comedy gold.





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