2024. Week 1 – Comedy Gold.

Welcome to the New Year.

It carries on pretty much where the last year ended with plenty of work that I love doing and loads of exercise that I love more than work.

Week 1 Exercise

Jan 1

A long walk in the wetlands.

Jan 2

Legs and Shoulders at the Gym.

Jan 3

9km Ski Erg. Easy for the first half, hard for the last half.

Jan 4

Legs. Tremendous fun with our kid. She is stronger than me.

Jan 5

Shoulders. Heavy.

Then a 40-minute ski.

Jan 6

Triceps. Punchy

Jan 7 (Today)

10km run in the mud. Cold and wet. Brilliant.

Heavy chest, back and biceps.

45 Min walk.


Oh, what a glorious week for me. Not bad for being over 50 years of age.

The world however is without a doubt going cuckoo this first week of 2024.

The week in pictures below.


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